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Sun Sweet Sun Spinning Night.
Shining Still.
Read Delight.

The SUN is shining brightly in the caves but there is a secret. Read and Enjoy this Young Adult Fantasy Novel set in the mystical, magical Caribbean ...

Excerpt - The Secret of the Sundance Caves

The Oil burns SWEET in these lamps that illuminate the pages of this collection of interlinked stories. Each is an experimentalist reconfigured fairy tale that eschews spent language and disenfranchising cliche, and opens a door to the fringleland! Come smell the "Sweet Oil".

Excerpt - Sweet Oil

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Welcome to SPIN City! This is a place where Spinsters roam the Street. This is the antithesis of Chic Lit!  Come hear of Delilah Woolf and her tales of glory and woe as she chooses a life other than the prescriptive joy of suburbia. Follow her as she winds her way into an experimental novel that goes deeper into the heart of the modern woman, and find out about the Secret Society of Spinsters that has been with us in the shadows of an unwritten history. Read "The Spinster, the Cock and the Box", and learn how to spin, what's in the box and how girls can be cocks!

Excerpt - The Spinster, the Cock & the Box

The NIGHT has come and we wish you dreams that take you to the hours of the day, and the dawn. Enjoy some poems from this collection and indulge the somnambulist within ...

Excerpt - Sleep, Wake, Dream
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