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Save the date .... 08.08.08 ... beyond time
Welcome to this outer site.  You have entered the fringeland, the border- no not borders.... but don't leave yet!
You are invited to enter and play around for free. Yes freedom is a beautiful thing!
Read the writings, and tell me what you think. Yes thought is a beautiful thing too!
Of course I should let you know that the carrier pigeons frequently get distracted as they take to sea, so please feel free to email.
I would love to hear from you... especially you! ; )
Writing is all about dialogue so let's start a conversation.
If you are a reader, editor, agent, publisher, pauper (aka student), or anything else (there are other sorts in the world!) go ahead delve into these works and let me know what you think. Yes beauty is a thought away.... share it quick don't let it go.

For a detailed look at my portfolio, please click here. But for a quick review of excerpts of my most recent work, please click on any of the following:

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